Welcome to WeeDah

We are here to give you a memorable quality experience that you'll never forget by building a relationship between consumers and street vendors for better food quality, accessibility, and transparency.

WeeDah == WahDee

We are not here just to build an app an overnight. We are here to disrupt an economy while building a strong consumer community. So we will still be here for some time. Stay tuned!

Tech is Not Exclusive

This is about bringing everyone together. We all talk about IoT, smart cities and the 4th industrial revolution. Come on! Why not think about helping integrate the roles of street vendors into smart cities. Tech should not be an exclusive thing.


Straight Outta AngelHack

We are a team of five developers from Yangon, Myanmar.

Some Of Our MockUp Design at Hackathon

Coming Soon

Break it. Fix it. Collect Bounty. Jump onto Hall Of Fame.